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Money Transfer

Sending money to and from any location in the Philippines is safe, fast, and convenient with our domestic money transfer service—China Bank Money Transfer. 

Working in the city with a loved one in the province? Living in the province with a daughter studying in the city? If you are a China Bank account holder, simply visit a China Bank branch near you to quickly and securely send money to anyone, anywhere in the country even if that someone does not have a bank account.  The money you send through China Bank Money Transfer can be conveniently picked-up in cash by your beneficiary at China Bank or M-Lhuillier branches nationwide. 

  • Low money transfer fee
  • Funds are electronically sent real-time
  • Vast network of conveniently-located China Bank and MLhuillier branches and outlets for cash pay-out—almost 2,000 at your service! Plus, majority of MLhuillier branches are open 7 days a week
  • Free SMS notification to beneficiary

No China Bank account yet?  We offer no-fuss, low initial deposit Peso deposit accounts for your basic banking needs, including domestic remittance through China Bank Money Transfer.

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