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About China Bank
China Bank Money Market Fund

Fund Classification   
Money Market Fund

Fund Objective 
To provide clients with a “moderate” risk profile a high level of liquidity and at the same time better earnings potential than those offered by regular savings/current accounts and other short-term deposit arrangements

Minimum Initial Investment   

Minimum Additional Investment  

Minimum Maintaining Balance  

Minimum Holding Period  
3 banking days

Cut-off time for Investment/Redemption Notification
12:00 noon daily (or 11:00am for Investment Notifications done online)

Anytime, but subject to early redemption charge if redeemed before the lapse of the minimum holding period

Settlement/Payment Date 

Early Redemption Charge 
1% of amount redeemed

Trust Fees
0.25% p.a.
(Effective August 1, 2013)

Mode of Participation/Redemption
Unit Method based on prevailing Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPu) at the end of day of transaction date 

Investment Disposition 
Mainly peso-denominated government securities and bank deposits

Investment Valuation 

Third Party Custodian 
Deutsche Bank

External Auditor 
SGV & Company

Product Availability 
All CBC branches nationwide

For documentation requirements and other details, please call China Bank - Trust and Asset Management Group at (632) 8885-5878, 8885-5867, 8885-5862, 8885-5858.

DISCLOSURE. Part of the account opening procedures for UITFs covers the discussion of the attendant risks as well as the conduct of a client suitability assessment by UITF-accredited personnel to ensure the proper matching of the product with the client's risk profile. Participation in the UITF is by way of units based on the prevailing Net Asset Value per Unit or NAVPu at the end of day of transaction date. The NAVPu is computed daily and available at China Bank branches, the Trust Group and the China Bank website ( The NAVPu is inclusive of the applicable trust fee as well as third party custodianship and external auditor's fees. UITFs are not deposit accounts and, as such, are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to daily marking-to-market of investments, the value of the UITF may fluctuate depending on prevailing market conditions. Any income or loss that may result from the performance of the Fund shall be for the account of the participant. Historical return is for indication purposes only and is not a guarantee of future results. The list of existing and prospective investments and the financial performance of the Fund are updated on a regular basis and, together with the Declaration of Trust, are made available to participants upon request.

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